Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ever just realize, you life has changed around you with out you even knowing. New things take priorities, and you start to stop worry about aritificial things. It's weird I guess, that's life for you. I have a friend, who's angry at me, and basically almost ignoring me, which I hate, because I love my friends. I really do, I hate having things keeping us from being the way we are. But I know friendship is strong, and time helps too. So we can all over come hardships. <3 Today was a wonderful day, it was positivily warm out. I was in a tshirt. I loved it so much. I got to take a few pictures of some now starting to bloom Sakura blossoms in Fuchu. I got a few nice shots. ^_^ I am getting excited for the blossoms to bloom, cause then I can see many friends while drinking in the park under the blossoms :D
I can't wait to catch up with old and new friends!

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