Sunday, April 26, 2009

Only one more week to go O.o!

Wow! Sorry it's been soooo long since I posted last. It's been a crazy while with dance rehearsals and so on. Today we had an 8 hour dance rehearsal way down past Shinagawa. Since it's so hard to find a place that will fit us all. It was in a huge gym since there are so many people. But it was pretty awesome to be with all those dancers and watching how amazing everyone was. This performance is going to be amazing! You should all come and watch this awesome dancing. What kind of dance styles do you guys like? Know any good videos on youtube? I can't write much more. Since I have to get up at 7am to be at a theater group in the early morning. Then tomorrow I have dance practice...actually everyday for the next week. So if I'm not on much, it's just because I'm busy. You are all welcome to send any messages to my gmail, because I check that daily. :D Bed time! Rehearsal Hall After the first 5 hours we decided it was ice cream time. The boys say "WUSSUPP?" The girls say "whaaaa?" The boys stretching. Opening dance number kids part. It's amazing! These kids amaze me! Opening number

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