Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The GO GO GO Weekend Part 1

So it's been a long and awesome weekend, though I haven't had much to sleep which is making this post hard to type, so I'll try to keep it short. After work on Friday I went back home and got ready and went out a club in Shibuya. It was fun, though I was tired from a long day of work, so I stay for half the night before biking home.
Saturday I had to get up and go to my long day of work. I haven't seen those kids in 2 weeks, so it was great to get back. Though it was the Easter Event week. Oh yes Happy Easter everyone!!! ^___^

After work I went down to Shinjuku where I met up with my past adult students and the group of us went to an Izakaya till last train and ate too much and drank too much. Those girls are great! I miss teaching them, but we can still meet like this, which is great.

Sunday I woke up early and ran to get the train to meet with Araki and Yuka in Shinjuku so we could go to Dance@live event. My group teacher, KENTO, was battling in the HipHop section. He ended up getting 3rd place. Here is a dance video of him and his team. He is the shortest one.

We met up with Marie when we arrived and waiting in this huge line and the time it was to go in, we all rushed in and split up. Marie and I went to find a seat for later and then we went down to the smaller size room, where it was the opening part. We had to sit on the floor for 2 hours straight, but it was amazing. So many amazing dancers, I'm so jealous. Of all ages too! Kids in Junior high should not be able to move like that!

But it was finally time for Kento to perform, we ran up to our seats and watched at Kento one his first round. It had many different genres. First was Hihop 6 people in each genre. Then House, Breaking and freestyle. Just as I thought, everyone was amazing. More than amazing, jaw dropping.

We were there from 9am until 6 when I had to leave to go to the Dboys stage at night. Though I wish I had stayed at the dance battle. That was a lot more interesting then the Dboys stage. :/ Oh well. I can't be bother right ^^;

So I will finish my weekend post tomorrow.
Here are a few pictures from

The girls at the izakaya

Just a part of line behind us.

Marie was so tired.

We can go in now!


View from our seats. We also went down below to sit in the tiny boxes they have for viewing.

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