Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Roboot

Today I had a late morning, which was nice. I was able to get up and do some laundry, have a shower and cook myself some lunch. It was beautiful today, a nice temperature of 22 degrees, and the sun was shining. I love spring in Japan! Tonight I went to my dance teachers debut tonight with my friend Yuka. We both took his class in the dance school. It's a new group called "The Reboot" Kite was pretty amazing! The show started off with Kite and his group on stage, and did this amazing number that had me in awe. Wow can they pop. Next was a group called Japan BBoys or something like that. They had some amazing break dancers. Next was Pani Crew up with this hilarious number involving don't fight with guns or knives. Fight with dance. XD They are wicked, I can see why Pnish gets them to choreograph their stages. I saw a lot of moves that Pnish has used a lot of. Next was a group that sang, but I forget their name. Last was "The Reboot" where instead of back dancers, they have front dancers. Preview movie You can check out the website at Avex The Reboot. They are going back to old school. I just searched youtube for kite and he's pretty popular on it You tube videos But I will have to try to get back to Kite's dance class, it is always fun to go to his classes. ^_^ I was only able to get a few shots. But here ya go.

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