Monday, May 4, 2009

It may be the end, but the beginning has only begun

Here are a few pictures from practice the other day. I find every day now with dance, so exciting. I just love everyone who I dance with...they are just so great, and we have become so close to each other. I can totally understand how people become so close during stage performances and wish it would never end. There is always an end, but a new start will begin. I think I have learned so much more from doing this performance, and I'm so happy I had this opportunity to try this, and I know I will keep performing now on, I can now see myself on stage, and performing. But since I have to get up early for opening day! It's bed time. One dance team before us. Trying not to laugh at Natsuki making faces behind the person taking pictures. Don't you just love my huge pants! XD Like WHATEVER! Kento sensei He is soooo small!! But big moves! Breakin' Time! The girls are too adorable. Must more peace signs This boy can never keep a straight face XD OMG!!! Break time. XD

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