Thursday, May 21, 2009

She's a maniac

I did it again. ^^;
Yesterday I was at work, and I had no dance lesson for that night, and my brain not understanding that concept of having free time, decided it was a good time to add to the star on my foot. I always have been planning to make it 3 stars on my foot, and I would keep saying next I'll go and next month would come and things change.

So I did it on a whim yesterday, just like my last 2 tattoos. I guess I can't schedule those in my life, they have to be a new adventure I guess ^_^
I did a quick search for tattoo places in kichijoji, and found a place called The Red Bunny, and checked out their website to find the quality of the tattoo well done.
Realizing it was only 1 min from work headed over there to check our the shop and prices. Located up on the 3rd floor beside Tokyu department store, I climbed the winding metal stairs and poked in my head to be greeted and ushered in. As I thought they spoke no English, but Ryousuke was very kind and gentle, making me feel welcomed and relaxed. :) I told him I wanted to add to re star on my foot and from there it was a breeze. I asked if he had time, and it was no problem. I had too do re basic form filling out, and show ID, and soon I was in the room.

Boy did I laugh inside when I saw that this 29 year old guy, with a tear tattoo under his eye, and flowers and skulls crawling up his arms and legs had a large Akira movie poster (a Japanese anime) and anime figurines covering his shelf. How awesome is that. Only in japan will you see that! :D
I had to stand up on the bed so he could place the star in the best place, and after trying a few different ways, we had it in the place I liked the most. It was great he wouldn't just settle for the first position. Wanted it perfect.

My previous star is red and orange, so this time I chose pink and purple.
With one last "are you ready?" and he started. I forgot home much it hurt. ^^;
I firmed my lips and fought the pain, gripping the edge of the seat with my nails digging in.
But the beginning was not as bad as filling it in, when he changed the needles. ^^ so it was not just one needle. It's funny when I'm in pain, I hum. I can't speak much, so I hum. I have to let some ofthe pain escape. LOL Ryousuke laughed. But I made it through it all with a new tattoo. :D

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