Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wind Surfing

Since Sunday was such a beautiful day, and I had Monday off as well, I decided I didn't want to waste the warm weather we have been having lately. So I looked up a few surfing schools in the Tokyo area, and finally got an answer from one school. Zushi Wind Surfing School is located a short walk from Zushi station, and only a few meters from Zushi beach. I decided on a full day course which included over 2 hours of lessons in the morning, lunch and 2 hour lesson in the afternoon. I arrived a bit early, just to make sure I don't get lost, and because it was a Monday and it still isn't in season yet, I had the whole morning lessons to myself. My teacher was Ryou-sensei, who has been windsurfing for years, and can even speak some English as well. It was great, we even were ahead in our schedule; morning, for the first 30 minutes are supposed to be in the class, and another 30 on the shore practicing, but the class and on shore practice took only around 15 minutes for us and I was soon out on my way gliding across the ocean. But before we headed to the beach, I had to get my wet suit on...and let me say, I don't like wet suits all the much ^^; it shows off every detail of your body O.o; Next time I am just going to wear board shorts and a tank top. The only reason why they had me wear it, is the water isn't warm yet, but I'm Canadian! I can deal :D It was pretty easy learning most of the items of the wind surfing board. It's the same in English almost. Mast, Board etc... though there was a few times I had a hard time understand how to exactly turn my hands and feet ^^; but it worked out well in the end. Surfing all morning, made me have a huge appetite, and thank goodness I ordered a bento for lunch, I was starving. I was sleepy after I finished my meal, and took a little nap while we waited for one more student to join in the afternoon lesson. Daniel is from London, and works in a bank. He took this week off to get his motorbike license, and decided to try windsurfing too. It was really fun to have another person in the class, since I could watch and learn from what mistakes and great things that he does. I guess I have a bit of a talent with wind surfing, which I heard from Ryou-sensei. I did have a few nice trips into the water, which felt nice on a warm day. Finally the day was finished. I started around 930 and we ended close to 5pm. I was exhausted as I showered and almost fell asleep under the hot water. Caught my train home and slept the whole way home, though woke up abruptly, thinking I had missed my stop, to find myself 4 stops from home. I think I will be going there again every Monday! It's so much fun, and I want to get better, and try a smaller board, and bigger sail. I want to go faster! :D Anyone every tried wind surfing? And tips? Or recommend fun out door ideas for the summer?
Breakfast on the train I found it! Wet Suits time :/ View from the building We used the white board. Sensei shows the ropes I give it a try As you can tell by my wet suit, I did get wet XD Time to wind surf! yummy bento Daniels turn Wahooo Like totally! Peace Sensei smile! Daniel and I. Surf's Up! One of the teacher's dog. ICHIGO!!!

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