Saturday, May 9, 2009

Zeal 10th Anniversary Day 1

Golden week, the Japanese version of spring break. Schools are out, offices are closed, and the streets of all major shopping areas are buzzing with people. Many people also like to spend their time traveling around Japan, or exploring other countries. Well, that's what I usually did on my past golden weeks here in Japan. But not this year; for the past two months I have spent hours upon hours practicing dance for the Zeal 10th Anniversary Performance held over golden week. Two months of practices, to end after three performances over the course of two days. Zeal studios are located in Shimbashi, Yokohama, Kawaguchi, and Shinjuku and offers classes of dance to young and old. Hip hop, jazz, house, ballet, cramp, lockin' and poppin' are only the start of what kind of classes you can find at Zeal studio. They also have many experienced Japanese dance teachers and foreign teachers from around the world. Back dancers who have performed with famous artists such as Will Smith, Fergie, MARIAH CAREY,MYA, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliot, and many more. And some of the dancers in the performance also perform on stages as well. Like Tenimyu members, and other groups too. Which is pretty awesome ^__^ Being one of the rare foreigners in the whole performance of over 360 dancers, it was a bit difficult at times. Language barriers always come into place when you spend so much time around any Japanese people, and even more so, when they don’t speak any English. But I was lucky have such an amazing group of dancers, and everyone was always so helpful. The first day came a great end, and the energy was the greatest! I was nervous as I stood in front of almost 1800 people, but as I started the dance routine, all I wanted to do, was do my best, and show everyone out there I can do an amazing job, and I had fun doing it! :D
Off too lunch, while waiting for the other. Yoshiki wanted a picture. He is too adorable! Lunch time. Omg this was sooo tasty You flip it to red when you want to order. The boys had fun with that sign. XD First Rehearsal time. Some pictures of the opening....sorry the quality isn't that great. :/ need a better camera. This is what we do during the time before our time on stage XD Ending From Backstage Group Shot Coffee Break I took this picture without him knowing XD Over head shot Time to go home.

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