Saturday, November 21, 2009

Starbusts of lights - 花火

Fireworks burst across the sky in starbursts of lights.
 *Machida, Tokyo, Japan September 2007

Fireworks in Japan are spectacular. I have yet to see anything that surpasses them. Year round towns and cities gather funds and sponsors for their summer firework festivals. The best time to see the fireworks are from August to October. You can even go to the local convenience store and perchance a magazine for all the summer firework festivals and events.


  1. The fireworks are certainly pretty. I always like watching them. We don't have them very often in Canada though. Usually only twice a year for holidays. Once at the end of May for a holiday called Victoria Day and another time on July 1st for Canada Day.

  2. These firwork pictures are great!

  3. Hi! Yes I know about Canada fireworks. They don't have big fireworks like here in Japan! It's pretty amazing. :D