Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Mid August there is this whole week where everyone has time. It's called the Obon Week. There is no school, offices have this time off as well. My friend and I decided to try our hand at kitesurfing. Woke up early at 5am to catch the first train and met up with Yuka and we arrived at Shin Matsuda station to get a drive from XFly company to our kite surfing location. It was an 2 hour drive to Numazu in Shizuoka prefecture.

It's been so long since I've been in a car...wait not that long but I love driving in cars...I really want one! We finally arrived and went off road driving. It was like being back home and four wheel driving in the woods, but we drove on this tiny road and through foot deep puddles and over foot high bumps, and onto a rocky field...and over the tiny hill was THE OCEAN! It was so beautiful~ You could not see another living person for miles on the coast. It wasn't a soft sandy beach, but lots of rocks. It was still beautiful. The water was so clean and blue.First we got changed and got to practice the kite sail on the sand, I guess I did really well since I was next given a harness and a bigger sail. Yuka is so tiny, she had a hard time with even just the small sail ^^;; But I guess the wind showed who was boss and dragged me through the sand and rocks giving me a huge scratch on my leg to this day is still in the healing process (^^;; ah well. I knew better after that. And after that happened our teacher decided to get us in the water and practice in the water. We didn't practice with the board yet, just standing in the pond like water, a mix of rain water and ocean. The ocean was too deep and rough to practice out in, and Yuka got dragged through the mud and water but it was fine.

Finally we got to try in the ocean, but not board yet, just got to be pulled through the water with the sail and get back out to see how it feels. After we had that try, we went back to the pond like water and finally got the board. You would not believe how hard it it! I only stood a few times, but I think I drank a litre of the water and it's not tasty at all. XD 

Finally the sun was setting and the wind was coming in all directions, we decided to stop. From 11am to 5pm we were going non-stop. We were all tired. Took a shower in the portable shower (how cool is that?) and we packed up. Another 2 hours drive and 2 hour train ride later and I crashed when I got back around 12pm.

*Shizuoka, Japan August 2009

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