Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bowling with the 'rents

Yesterday was the beginning of yet another Nor'easter storm heading up to Nova Scotia, the snow started to come slowly in the morning, so mom and I decided to take a run off to the gym and workout before the bad weather came. It was alright, I'm not the best person to be around in the mornings I can tell you that, heck my body isn't even awake properly until evening. Which makes running on the treadmill much harder. During our time at the gym, I ran into a few high school classmates, and it's awkward, but being the best person I could be, I said hello and barely got much of 'hi' back from them. Fine. That's no problem with me. Got back home for a delicious omelet for lunch and my mothers boyfriend bringing up the idea of going to bowl that afternoon....ok. Stop. Wait a moment. This from the guy who likes to do nothing. Wow. It was a shocker. I said sure, I wasn't paying and it got me out of going nuts in the house.

The last time we went bowling together was probably way back in the early 90's, back when I'm still a emotional, naive child. Who at that time was brought to tears from this same guy who takes pleasure in destroying any type of happiness, or calmness one may have. So the first worlds from his mouth, when we park, is "Don't cry Lindsay when you lose".

Ok, how many years does it have to be to let something go! Get over it, and grow up. I basically told him that, but in not so nice of words. Opps. Already he's getting to me. Can't let that happen. So I finally shrug it off and we all head in. Grab our shoes and the games begin. An hour passes, we are finished. He typically wins all the games, but I really didn't care, I was happy to spend time with my mom and have some fun. After we grab a cup of candy cane hot chocolate at the nearby Timmy's and head back home. All in all, it was a good time when someone decided to act like an adult at times.

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