Friday, January 22, 2010

Chocolate Sparkling

Just another thing that proves even more my love of all the wonderful flavors of chocolate, candy and drinks you can find at the local convenience store just a few minutes walk from my house. This time being the creation of "Chocolate Sparkling". A cider type of drink but smells, and tastes like CHOCOLATE! Can you believe it ladies? But it doesn't win against the real thing, but it's a nice battle with your senses as you smell it and drink it. A bit bubbly, but tasty.

I wonder what kind of wonderful drink they will think of next. I've seen many types of drinks here, and it's always interesting trying them all out. I would like strawberry, orange, or any kind of fruity kind for the spring. I'm sure they have done those back in the past, but I wouldn't mind drinking them now. Oh it makes every trip to the local supermarket or convenience store a new adventure.

What shall come next? What would you like to try?

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