Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cream Sauce Pasta

The other day I made some amazing cream sauce pasta. Well I don't know about you but I always find when I cook my own food it always seems to taste so much better. After all the effort you put into the food, the waiting, just the thought of the final product, the anticipation makes me enjoy it so much more.

I love all parts about cooking really. I usually don't have much thought at first if I will cook. It's usually at the lost moment, I'm walking home from the station or work and I stop by the grocery store to get some food and decide, 'Today I'm going to have spagetti". This time around I made cream sauce spagettin with spinach, mushrooms and ham. Living in Japan gave me a lot of difficulties when I first arrived when I wanted to cook. I couldn't read the packaging, didn't know what many of the things were. But now it's no problem. I can pick anything up now. Well not anything, since Japan does not carry a lof of what Canada offers in grocery stores.

I like a lot of vegetables in my food. It helps with the dieting and it's just healthy for you. :)

Finding spices at first was difficult but this Ajinomoto is great for cooking, I use it a lot in many different reciepes. I want to try tons of different reciepes, maybe some friends or people can tell me their favorite reciepes and I will try to make them.

Enjoy :)

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