Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goodbyes are hard


My last day in Canada was spent running around grabbing the few things I needed. Like a backpack because there was no way I was going to fit all my stuff in on tiny purse. Somehow I came home with barely anything and ended up with two full suitcase and two travelbags. It's a talent, that's all I have to say. It's fun playing the suitcase game. Juggling all your stuff and making everything fit perfectly in your suitcases. I have the weight scale in my room as I weigh my bags and try to figure what I really don't need. And we all know that's a hard decision. Even more since the next time I'm going to be home won't be for a few years.

My phone was ringing off the hook with people wanting to say goodbye and see me before I left. I really do feel loved. I don't know what I would do without my family. I really do love them.

I spent my morning with my aunt and had a typical Canadian breakfast, pancakes and bacon. Mmmmm. Delicious. Grabbed a tea from Timmys and got a few books from my aunt for my flight back to the big city Tokyo. My home away from home.

The afternoon I spent an hour basically listening to my grandma. Oh I love her dear, but she would talk your ear off.

Finally, mom and I ate out own handmade poutine, have to get some before I go back, and went over to my aunts for a sorta going away get together. My aunts, grandma and cousins were there. Played "pizza puzzle" with my little Ava. Yes, after hearing a piece of pizza and piece of puzzle, she somehow came to call her puzzles "pizza puzzle". This is the little 2 year old girl who calls my mother "Cat feet", because she couldn't say Kathy and continues to call her so. When I was playing with her, she rubbed her hand on my sweater and said "your sweater is beauuuuutiful, who made it?"

My life with my family is always full of laughter. My mother especially. She, I would say, is a typical blond. The two little ones were coloring in a coloring book and children being children didn't like the idea of sharing one book all that well. My mother being the smart one said "we need to have three coloring books so we call can color" to which my aunt responded "or we could just rip out a page for each person" and my mother was stumped for a moment. Oh I love you mom.

But goodbyes are hard, I almost cried when I said my goodbyes. Ava will not say goodbye, never. She hates them and will barely give you a hug let alone a kiss. I understand though. Goodbyes are hard. I'm going to miss everyone. I'll see you in a few years!

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