Thursday, January 21, 2010

I got the Blues

I got the blues and it's name is work. Once gain we start the week off with the thoughts of the weekend still circling our minds and the anticipation for the next one to hurry and arrive soon. I spent my final night before work at another music live. This time it was a friends live. Wattamegas are what they are called. You should all defiantly check it out! They have their own cd available at Tower Records, Amazon or HMV. My friend and I first made a quick stop at an Izakaya and had a few drinks before we went off in the challenge of finding the live house which took us a good while since we managed to walk part Shimokitazawa Basement Bar since it had no sign outside.

Arrived just in time for the show to start and this time around I brought my camera, so decided to try it out on a music live. I got a few good shots, but it's really hard taking photos in such a dark climate and red is not my most favorite light to take pictures under.

We stayed until the end dancing and enjoying the music and after wards we headed to another Izakaya and spent the night drinking and playing 'batsu' games. Batsu means 'x or penality'. So the loser had to do something, and we made these weird mixes of spices and hot sauce or sour lemon drinks. Heck the guys even put lemon in their eyes, I would not be able to handle that pain. Strange customs, these Japanese people.


  1. Hey DeMo!
    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my blog! I hope to post so much more about my life in Japan. It's so exciting here :)