Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Karaoke life

The other day was the coming of age (20) for the Japanese. My roommate and I decided since that day was a holiday, so that means no work. Thanks all you young, cute Japanese girls and boys! So we decided to spend our day at karaoke! At around 11am, I jumped on my roommates bed, who had just arrived back home at 8am after working at the Irish pub all night, and we got ready and headed out to Shinjuku. Walking to Shinjuku we could see tons girls dressed up in their Kimono's (traditional Japanese dress) all heading to the city hall to join the rest of all maturing 20 year olds would be to hear the mayor talk and congratulate them etc... Arrived at the station to find my Japanese friend in the mass hurds of people gathered outside. It's always an adventure at Shinjuku station. I can't remember how many times I've got lost, or lost people there. I'm sucked back into the past of when I would play "Where's Waldo" but this time I don't know what color the person is wearing.

Headed to the karaoke building, I usually like going to Big Echo since I have a membership card there and have all my favorite karaoke songs saved on my card. Thank you technology! I hate when I go to another place with my friends and then I have no clue what I am going to sing. Oh the horror! Decisions, decisions!

The thing about karaoke in Japan is that you get your own special karaoke room. You and your friends with one large screen TV and thousands of thousands of karaoke songs to your liking. You have English songs, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and even Phillipino songs. You will always find something you like. Got all you can drink, and there, we were good. For 6 hours straight it was karaoke, dancing and drinking. Ah, the alcohol was due to my roommate running and grabbing me a bottle of red wine and she had Jinro (Korean alcohol). The non-alcoholic drinkbar was cheap, 550en (~$6USD) for the whole time, but the alcohol was just a bit too expensive, so a run to the convience store was in order.

Our excursion of songs was built around classic rock songs like Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Nickelback, etc...a lot of power housing. The best feeling ever! Left karaoke feeling just so satisfied. Nothing like karaoke to make you feel better. The ramen and chinese food afterwards helped even more.

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