Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Day

New Years Day. The day of new beginnings, new starts and resolutions. I spent my day family style. Early afternoon, mom, my mothers boyfriend and I made our way down into the woods to my grandma's place. As usual we arrived early due to my mothers 'always be 30 minutes early' disease. Arrived and already the drama has started. My family, I love them and all, but we all have our goods and bads. My cousin called just as my grandma left to go pick her up at her place, saying that she was at her friends place. Of course my grandma has no cell phone, heck if she did, she wouldn't know how to work it. So my grandma goes down to her place, but no one is home, and ends up asking the neighbor to use the phone. But she arrives just in time for our pot luck to begin.

Of course that's not just all the drama, my uncle and aunt both ended up making rice dishes. Yes. This is my family life, they get irritated from the littlest things.

Family get together times always make my stomach ache from laughter. Memory lane is great. My aunt Cindy brought up the times when she would make my cousin as a child skip for her while they were walking around the track, just so she could laugh. This is not regular skipping, it's a totally different version of skipping, and looking at him now, you can't even imagine this broad, bulky man skipping around a dirt pathway.

And if not enough the kids who when combined, they turn bonkers as they scream and run around the house. I decided to try what I usually try with my kids, though it doesn't always work, but I tried the 'silent game' basically I told them we were going to play a game, and who wins gets a chocolate, and my aunt adds to it, they win a loonie well the game was started. And boy did they play...they lasted for over 30 minutes. We were all shocked. In the end they both got a toonie and some chocolate.

But as soon as the dinner was finished, it wasn't long before everyone booked out and on their way. It's always dine and dash with our families.

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