Friday, January 29, 2010


Another weekend, another adventure. I love it! On Friday after work my friend gave me a ring asking if I wanted to go snowboarding on Monday. Who am I to deny? So I said "of course", and we made our plans to meet Monday.

Monday was an early wake up, 530am is not a real time in my world unless it's when I'm going to sleep, not waking up. We met in Shinjuku station at 630 and walked to our bus stop. Grabbing a few onigiri (rice balls) and some new chocolate tea latte for the road. As much as I wanted to sleep on the bus I just couldn't get any rest. Spent my time chatting with my friend about our next travel.

Soon enough we started to see mountains in the distance, caught a glimpse of Mt Fuji as well. Shortly after snow was glistening the ground. Almost there! Then the twists and turns started as we made our way up the mountain, the town below getting smaller and smaller.

Finally we came to a stop, high in the mountains of Tunbara, Gunma. My first stop was getting my rental gear, since this was my first time ever snowboarding, have never even skied before, I had no gear at all. Picked out these bright colored pants and jacket, grabbed my boots and board and I was off!

My friend was kind enough to teach me the basics and at first I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stand. I finally figured out I need to turn on my stomach to get up, oh well at least I got up. Beginning was difficult. I had no clue how to go, turn, stop... But throughout the day I slowly got the gist of it all. I had a few big falls, smashing my head against the snow and got knocked around a bit, but nothing too damaging.

We took a break for beef curry and soon got back on the lift. This time I went on the biggest course they had. Wow I was adventurous. But I did it! I made it down the hill!

At last the day was finished. We got changed, grabbed some donuts for the road and boarded the bus to go back. This time I passed out for the road home, I was so tired. Got home showered and bed. The next day I was so sore and the following day was just as bad. I'm looking for to the next time though. I can't wait!

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