Monday, January 4, 2010

Snowmen and Raging Oceans

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from my aunt, saying she was heading down to her beach cottage with little Ava Rose to check out the damage from the Nor' Eastern that hit the Atlantic coast. I thought, why not, it's still a bit messy out and I have nothing to do. So she arrived with a grinning Ava Rose, who told me "I missed you Lindsay" as soon as I got in the car. I just love that little girl so much! We picked up my uncle and off we were to the beach. Now all we were missing were our bathing suits and a hot sunny day. Thirty minutes later we arrived at the long dirt road to the cottage, and the waves from the ocean were huge, well big for what we usually get in that area. The water surge was dangerously high as well. You could see where the water from the waves had hit the road. I love the thrill that comes from storms. I used to dream as a kid I could be a storm chaser. Maybe I will someday, I'm not going to give up my dreams just yet.

We arrived at the cottage, the damage wasn't that bad, a bit of the fence had fallen down, and there was not power because of a fallen power line, but all in all it was alright. But first thing was the creation of our Ocean Snowman. Built by my uncle and I and some help from Ava Rose, we built it on the shore of the raging ocean.

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