Monday, January 4, 2010

Sophie's Revenge

Comic book artist Sophie is talented, has tons of friends, and the perfect boyfriend. Nothing can go wrong, that is until her boyfriend Jeff breaks up with Sophie to date Anna, a famous movie star.

Devastated by the sudden turn of fate, Sophie is bed ridden, unable to face anyone, not ever her mother who adores Jeff, until she thinks of a plan. By scheming up strategies to get Jeff back and that she plans to use in her newest comic book, "The Handbook of Love". But after her first two steps, "Sympathy and Understanding," and "Nostalgia" fail, she meets Gordon, a photographer, at her friends party who has been apparently dumped by the movie star, Anna. Sophie, believing they are the perfect partners, she grabs his help in her revenge crusade. 

Together they continue with the plan, but after "Reinvention" and "Entrapment" fail, the next step is "Arousing Jealousy", where they act like they are lovers to make Jeff and Anna jealous. Finally something seems to be working, Jeff is jealous. Working fast Sophie puts the final step into play, "Search and Rescue". It appears that Gordon no longer wants to 'play' along anymore and refuses and confesses his love to Sophie, who, shortly after the confession is confronted by Jeff who wants Sophie to come back to him. Who will she choose? Is this love or madness?

I really enjoyed this movie! At the beginning I couldn't help but wince from the horrible embarrassments Sophie get's herself into, but as the movie continues I started to like her quirky personality. The movie itself was delightful, a romantic comedy, the movie offers tricks and gags, comedy scenes you would often see in many types of comedy movies, like the scene where Sophie is in a beautiful, blue dress, walking down some stairs, the wind blowing her hair, and all of a sudden she falls down a stair, but jumps right back up again. These moments don't damage the film, but it only offers more to the movie. There are lots of little neat animated parts where Sophie's over acting imagination and comic characters come alive. I really hope you can all watch "Sophie's Revenge".

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