Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Supermarket Challange

All you ladies know out there the lovely female time. How a week before you start suddenly getting cravings and weird mood swings. That's not all that fun, it's when you have no tampons or pads and you need to make a stop at your local grocery store to grab a box. It is then when it turns into a mission. To see how fast you can get in and out of the store without being seen by anyone. Luckily I chose the perfect day to go. A Saturday after the stores had all been closed and to top it off, a storm warning was in affect. Now everyone decides that they are going to run out of food and supplies within that one day, so the store is lined up with people. All I wanted was my box and get out without seeing anyone, and whenever you have something awkward or something you don't want seen, you think the whole world is looking at you.

Logically we know, but can't help to feel like everyone is watching you and talking behind your back, like they have nothing better to do. But I went got my box and stood in the line of doom... And waited and waited some more with my box of bass under my arm. Because lord knows I see someone and the will come up to me and start talking and next thing you know they wonder what your getting and lo and behold. Conversation turns awkward. Especially if it's a guy. Luck was on my side, saw only a few people who were in a rush and didn't have time to chat. Ladies, let's give a toast to those awkward moments of life. Cheers!

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