Tuesday, January 19, 2010


TGIF. We all know what that means. We are brought up hearing and praying for those words to come true. Whether we were students or working. This last weekend came and I was shouting those words in joy. First week back after a long winter vacation, I was exhausted from running after my kids at work. I love them and all but it's Lindsay time. Friday morning I got an email from my Japanese friend asking if I wanted to go to her friends live. Since my dance meeting was canceled so I decided why not. After work finished I rushed down to Shindaida which at first I had problems figuring out it's name in English. Japanese kanji is too difficult with all it's different meanings and sayings. Anyway, arrived early and met my friend at the station and took me to the live house, which was luckily across from the station. "Fever" is the name of the live house. Recently made and a very nice venue. Since my friend got us on the guest list we got in at only 500en and one drink. Pretty cheap for a live. The groups name is "WATUSI ZOMBIE" and performed first. They were pretty interesting. The style looked like back from the 80's but the playing was pretty good. They finished their show in a surprising way. All of a sudden they climbed over the rail guard and started handing over the drum in pieces and re-setup in the audience. Pretty awesome to be so close to the drummer.

The rest of the night I spent chatting and drinking at the cafe by the live house and making some new amazing friends. After which we stayed for the after party. And of course the best way to end the night with a nice big bowl of ramen. Perfect start to the weekend. Thank god it's Friday.

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