Friday, January 8, 2010

Travel Tips

My flight home this time was my probably my best flight to date. I have had some horrible flights. Those flights I can remember back to when I was a child.  From being sick during the flight, to having scream kids behind me. I'm full of this "special luck"... More than twice I lost my hearing for a week when I flew with a slight cold. Another time I was stuck in Chicago for two days. Once I was stuck in San Francisco for a day. Had my baggage lost. Traveled between two airports in new York because of bad weather and being rerouted. Had extreme turbulence which after I had to wait behind 5 old ladies who argued over who's bag was theirs, before I dashed off to the washroom, bumping in front of at least 10 ladies waiting in line to be sick. Where I was bent over the toilet, my back back opens and all my stuff pours into the toilet too. Another time I had three kids behind me kicking my seat for four hours straight. Another kid who kept staring up at me and leaning on me. Can't forget when I was stuck between two broad, muscly shoulder men. I had planes break down, lost a filling in my tooth...I've learned to accept it as it comes. I've started to make a checklist for flying.

A few tips when flying:
-If it's a long flight, get the isle seat. Especially when it's a 14 hour flight and you aren't a sitting person. Since you're sitting at the isle you have the choice at anytime to get up to go to the washroom or just take a stroll. But there are the disadvantages of the isle. You have to get out of your seat to let the others out of your seat. Of course the second choice is the window seat, since you have the window to lean against and a little extra space for your items.
-Bring headphones that block out sound. Don't rely on the air carriers headsets. Simply put, they suck and won't cut out the crying baby behind you, or the snoring old man in front of you.
-Pack light. There is nothing worse when you have tons of bags to carry around.
-Keep your passport in easy reach access. You'll be getting it out to show many times.
-Bring a neck pillow
-Wear comfortable clothes. It's all about the comfyness. I don't get it when people dress up fancy for long flights. It's not comfortable.
-Make sure you have a book, puzzles or something that can amuse you for a while. I've had flights where our tv sets were broken for the whole flight.
-Take sleeping pills or gravil. This will help the time fly by when you sleeping away the hours.
-Take your time. Usually long flights mean many people so when they call to say you can board. Don't rush up with everyone, sit down or take a walk since you'll be sitting for a long time. Don't worry, you have lots of time.
-Don't be afraid to press the help button. You're paying high bucks for these flights. Ask for something when you need it.
-Study up of the airports you will be arriving in.
-When in doubt, ask questions.

I really could write a lot more, but I'll quit while I'm ahead =)

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