Monday, February 8, 2010

Cafe La Boheme

Last month during a the weekend a friend and I had ourselves a Harajuku date. Well basically just decided to head down to Shibuya area and stopped at Harajuku for fun. Though we forgot how busy it is on the weekend and decided to escape the crowds of people and head down towards Omotesando, which lead us to the Cafe La Boheme.


As we walked down to the basement floor, we were delightfully surprised when we enter this cosy, italian setting cafe. It had two floors, one part of the cafe was slightly higher, colored lights sparkled in the air and the paintings created the mood of the streets of Italy; in all, it held a charming air around it. 

Since we had arrive at the midpoint between lunch and dinner we were greeted with the dinner menu, and as tempting as the food looked, we had desserts on our mind.


I had decided on the hot apple tart, and the Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea, which is served in a tea pot, and not by the glass. 

 My friend had the chocolate cake and Xiangdin Oolong and Muscat tea. I was really excited to try their special blends of Chinese teas. Next time I'm going to try their Herble teas I believe. La Boheme is located in many areas across Tokyo, so if you check out their website you can find the closest one to you. Hope you enjoy!

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