Friday, February 5, 2010

It's cold in Tokyo

So this morning woke up and as soon as I unraveled myself from my woman-made cacoon I buried myself back in the deep protective covers of my bed. Cold! Was all I could think. Everything could wait, the washroom, food...

But I had to get going to work, so jumped out of bed, ran around my room like a bat out of hell trying to keep the blood flowing through my veins so I wouldn't become an ice sculpture before I even got outside.

I step outside into the morning sun and think 'it's not that bad' until I realize that I am wearing five layers on top, a pair of tights under my jeans, my mammoth socks and boots. Plus a hat, mittens, and my scarf from Korea that can replicate a boa snake, when I wrap it a couple dozen times around me.

Now the only thing I had to worry about was my eyes. Hmmm how can I cover those and still see. I think I need to invest in my ski goggles. Haha!

Walking to Shinjuku station was just a pleasure, and if you can tell that's sarcasm in my writing. At one time I didn't know whether the slight burning on my body was from the cold or all the layers. Walking itself I enjoy, even in the cold, as long as I'm dressed warm, but I started thinking, why do they have valentines in February? Wouldn't it be better to have it in a 15 degree higher month? Really who wants to get all dressed up and pretty in this weather. Japanese girls don't let the weather stop them though, I still see them wearing skimpy dresses and skirts with nothing but a pair of thin tights protecting their legs from the harsh winter wind. True, you don't have to walk that far in Tokyo to find a station... But it's cold!! I just want to go up to them and offer them my scarf to wrap them up in a big bundle. I guess they are immune to the winter in their short school skirts in junior high school and their shorts during their younger years in school.

Here I am, the born and raised Canadian, who should be used to the cold but not here in japan. I am used to central heating and warm vehicles to drive me around place to place and making a dash into the grocery store while leaving my car running in the front.

Now all I can do is wait for winter to melt away and summer to arrive. 

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