Monday, February 8, 2010

Lock up

Another typical weekend night in Tokyo, drinking and eating with your friends in a theme restaurant...oh wait, that isn't typical is it. I love Tokyo and how every day can turn into a new adventure. I've heard from my friends who have been The Lock Up in Shibuya. This is not a normal restaurant, it's a horror house dinner show all in one big bundle. Tucked in a basement in the central backstreets of Shibuya, you walk down the stairs into screams and moans echoing the small stairways, and monsters jumping out at you, and the floor turning into rubber. More than once did it get a jump and scream from me and my friends.

Inside, we were greeted to a large line of people, and gave our names to the very sexy dressed guard woman, only in Japan would it be legal to wear those clothes at a normal....well somewhat normal restaurant. The wait was an hour, so we went upstairs to the 2nd floor of the same building, drank for an hour and went back down for our reservation.

Inside, we were brought by handcuffs to our 'cell', or room you could call it. The menu continued to follow the theme of prison. Offering a various lot of drinks in bottles, and needles.


I ordered this drink that had cotton candy on top and you had to pour mango juice on top. To my surprise inside the cotton candy was pop-rocks, so it left my drink poppin' until my last sip. We also order many Long Island Ice teas in these fancy bottles, which small pieces of dry ice in the drink to keep it bubbling. As well as a few syringes of strawberry juice to mix with our alcohol soda's.

Food was not as exciting as the drinks, well the russian roulette food had us in tears from it's spiciness, and the dessert had our mouths watering from the start in anticipation of eating it.There was a surprise during the middle of the night when all of a sudden, the lights turned off and the sirens started going. It seems the 'criminals' had escaped and started disturbing all the other cells, each other jumping into our cell at random times and pushing their hands and arms into our cell windows. I can tell you, this is one 'prison' I don't mind going to be punish by spicy food, creative drinks and delicious food.

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