Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skating and Korean Food

A windy Saturday I made my way to Sendagaya station in Tokyo. Battling winds that even standing bikes could not fight back at and trying to arrange my hair so it didn't look like I had just stepped out from a twister. I arrived and as usual I'm waiting for my friends. I hate making people wait, but I always seem to be the one waiting. I need to stop arriving on time I guess... But I don't think that will be happening. This time I amused myself by chocolate viewing in the closest convenience store and purchasing a new, hot chai tea, thought it would be tasty since I usually enjoy chai teas, except this tea had ginger in it and didn't realize until I had tried it. I'm not a ginger lover. At least it helped at keeping my hands warm. My friends arrived 20 minutes late, the usual for them. Then made our way to the Meiji Jingu skating rink only a few minute walk from the station.
We arrived just after 3 so the price was a few hundred yen cheaper than it would be if you had gone in the morning since you only get three hours on the ice than the whole day. Three hours was more than enough for our feet.

A few wobbly laps around the ice, dodging kids and adults of all ages was a most fun adventure until I got my staking feet back in gear. I'm like the typical Canadian I guess, spent most of my winter in my uncles backyard on his pond skating. Though I'm not the greatest skater, I can get some speed.

What's the best thing to do after being frozen on ice? Eat hot food! What's hotter that Korean food! Hopped on the train and went to Korean town in Okubo and found Healthy House a Korean restaurant only a jaunt from Okubo station.

Inside was already crowded with people filling the wooden booths and we were lucky to arrived at the perfect time to get a spot without waiting. Leaving the ordering to my Korean drama lover friend, we ended up with enough food to feed four people and not just the two of us. Nabe, binbinbap, chizimi and our special Korean rice juice. We were rolling ourselves out the door when we left. The food was delicious! I especially liked the cheese and meat chizimi. Next time we go we are going to try the chicken and desserts. I can't wait to go. Just typing about it makes me stomach growl.

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