Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentines in Japan

In Japan Valentines is the day that guys cherish and loath... it just depends on which guy you ask. Valentines in Japan is the day when girls give the guys chocolate. Yes, girls give the guys chocolate, you're wondering, "what about the girls?". Well the girls may get something back in return, but not on the same day. We have to wait one month, and on March 14th, aka White Day is when girls are gifted with a present, usually consisting of candy or cookies from the guys they gave chocolate to. Though it's not guaranteed. Though the cute, popular guys love this day and like to compete with each other on who can get the most chocolate.

Valentines is more thought of a day for girls to give the guy they like chocolate, as well as 'giri choco', which is obligation chocolate. Basically meaning that females have to give their male co-workers chocolate in obligation. In companies and at school or any job. They may not want to give it to them, may even hate the person, but they will give it to them just to keep a peaceful lifestyle. No ackwardness at work, not when Japanese people will spend half of their adult life working. Working 12-14 hour shifts a day. Making things a little bit more easy is always welcomed.

White day, I like to think is just another way for department stores to sell their merchandise and create sales, just another shopping day to be made since the month of March is quiet empty of holiday cheer. But that's just what I would like to think.

Although, lately girls are starting to change their attitudes and ideas towards Valentines, and becoming more liberated with who to give their handmade/store bought treats, and other than the obvious choices of your father or suki na hito, the guy you like, girls are starting to give to their friends and special people in their life. Which I think is the best idea for Valentines day. Though it is nice to have a day where everyone can spend a special day with their loved one, to treasure their time with them....but isn't that what we should do everyday? Everyday should be treasured, cherished with those you love, not just one day or two days of the year. I know I will always cherish those I love everyday.

But having said that, I did make my own brownies this year to give to people. My first time making them, and I was worried how they would turn out, though from the reactions from people, I think they turned out fine. I wonder what everyone made...

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