Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dance is Life

Last friday night was another fun night to add to the books. After work I booked it down to Shibuya to watch my friends live at Shibuya's Deseo. The nights lineup was Wattamegas/supernova//Grand Stand/SIPA BALED CLONE.

Luckily the line up of bands were playing particularly good dancing music so I danced the night away. As usual the after party included too much drinking and good times. Last train was coming, the time was know I'm just kidding ya...the night was still young in the exciting streets of Shibuya, so a friend and I headed to a club located down the streets that are know mostly for it's love hotels, oh, ooolala, rabu rabu! Yes, we went just to watch our dance teachers perform in a night club. Dance in japan is not just dance to people, it's a way of life. The way they act, speak, dress. It's their everything. It's all you think about, talk about or do.

What I really enjoy is the styles they think of when dancing. People don't just react to the dancing, but the clothes. If you want to become popular you need to have the skills and the style.

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