Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The final day of February was the Tokyo marathon, and before you start to think I ran it, you can stop. My friend ran the 10 kilometer, starting from Shinjuku to Hibiya garden. I was there after the run and a bunch of us ended spending the afternoon and night bar hoping. Starting from the Irish pub, off to a two hour all you can drink in a close by izakaya, stopping for a few funnels of beer at the Hub and finally in a Thai bar/karaoke room located in the back streets of the red district of Shinjuku. So I can tell you it was not a boring day to say at the least. My friend going around with her proud "finisher" medal, showing it off to anyone, and anywhere. Though it did get us more than a few free tequila shots.
Just another, typical, usual weekend day and night in Tokyo.

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