Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hina Matsuri

Every year Japanese people celebrate Girls day or Hina matsuri (雛祭り) on March 3rd. This day is for parents to spend the day having fun with their girls and creating the girls future happiness. Usually during this day they decorate a set of beautiful dolls, usually representing the emperor and empress. The use of dolls had started generations and generations ago when it had been believed that dolls could possess bad spirits. These dolls are not for every day use, but after the day is finished they are usually packed up in boxes to be brought out the following year. Some people like to buy a new set of dolls every year from when their daughter is born, but being ridiculous expensive, some do not.

But most of all this day is for Japanese parents to express their love of their child and show how much they mean to them, to show them their pride and job.

Me? I just enjoy the pretty decorations on my ice cream I got from Baskin Robins

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