Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom in Tokyo Day 1 Arrival

I arrive at the airport an good hour before I even get the chance to see mom. You never know with public transportation in this area, the slight, well more than slight chance of someone "accidentally" falling off the platform onto the tracks, or other forms of delays for trains, like king kong suddenly appearing. Hey! You never know, what with all the pollution these days, and unknown creatures...I'm getting off track here. Anyway, I spend most of my time sitting and enjoying the next Sakura Steamer drink and munching on a chocolate marshmallow cookie from Starbucks, and finally, almost an hour after my mom's flight landed, I see her coming through the doors. I grab a quick picture of her as she makes her way towards me, before I get a hug.

Then she mentions towards this high school boy, and tells me she made a friend along the way. Turns out she made buddy buddy with him and used him to help her find her way through the terminals in Toronto and Narita. What a girl!
With that done, we exchange her money, grab the train and off we go. Challanging salary men, and high school kids for seats and barely escaping from being sardines on the subway, we arrive just in time for the rush hour to begin.

But thankfully, we arrive safely at home, getting our setup on how we will leave in the same room together and grabbing some food from the local supermarket. Had a bento (japanese lunch box) for dinner、thought mom didn't really like the seaweed on top of the rice, or the fish flakes that covered the rise underneath the seaweed, hah, though it took me a while to get used to the taste, and now we are off to catch some snooze.

What will tomorrow bring...I'm all too excited to see!

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  1. You look soooo tired Kathy. Hope you guys have a blast!!! Love you both:)