Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mom in Tokyo Day 2

Still jet lagged, I go off to work during the day to meet mom after work. Turns out she took an adventure to the supermarket and proudly told me of her accomplishments when I arrived home. Ohhh the simplicity of traveling. I need to think of things in my life with that kind of simplicity. We headed off to our first real night in the big city life, going to Nakano. I know, not the biggest place, but I am starting her off in steps. Don't want to scare the woman. Showing her Broadway, with it's floors of figurines and Japanese style shops. Showed her the cheap clothing shops where we found 200en tops and jewelry. Dinner was some fried meat at the local restaurant chain called Negishi. Had a grand ol' time watching my mother attempting to eat with her chopsticks and slowly finished her food with very little dignity in the Japanese eyes, as the meat and rice was stabbed to death in the attempt to reach it's final resting place.

A quick stop at a tiny cake shop in the back streets, grabbing a slice of their recommended chocolate cake. Greeted with free cookies and coffee as we waited for our purchase. I will have to get back there again, with their delicious desserts, the great service, and a free 20en off coupon I must now use!

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  1. Hi Lin, Sounds like you two are having a blast! Love you! Talk soon