Monday, April 26, 2010

Dance Alive

It's early morning on a gorgeous sunny Sunday and my friends and I are all lined up to see the biggest dance battle in japan. @LIVE. This will say who is the number one dancers in japan for this year, afterward. Who really know right?

We arrived two hours before doors opened and it was already lines up down the street. But what a feeling. To have so many people with the passion of dance in one spot.

You could feel the energy in the air. When you're with friends, time always flies by and soon we were on our way in. It was a dash battle as we herd into the famous sumo stadium, to rush to get the best seats. We were lucky to get the "manseki" seats. Which means we were closer to the stage, but were sitting Indian style on the floor in our small box area. Once again like last year there was tons of thongs going on other than the battles. With dance showcases down stairs and one on one dance battles in the main lobby, food court available outside, merchandise and other dance related vendors to be found. Fun time all around. I spent most of my time in the main battle stadium and in between the battles, I'd catch a few Z's as I was recovering from a long weekend of dance and a bad cold.

 The dancing was as I expected it. Amazing. Stuff you just imagine you would only see on tv. My own dance teachers were performing and regretfully one lost a close battle in the first round and the other won first prize in the hiphop category.

Final results.

House side




It makes me want to be on stage even more. Whether battle or performance, I want to get better. Gotta do my best!  As Kento says "never give up!".

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