Monday, April 19, 2010

Mom in Tokyo Day 4 - Kamakura

Another early morning to another beautiful, sunny day. Our first stop was the metropolitan building to go up to the 23rd floor in Shinjuku to see Tokyo in the sunshine.

The Tokyo Government building is free to go to, and you can enjoy an amazing view of Tokyo, and during clear days you can even see Mount Fuji. Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to have a clean enough day to see it.

Next stop was Kamakura, a traditional, old samurai town. It being a weekend, the place was packed with tourist galore, and it was a battle itself to make our way down the street. Finally I saw someone offering a ride on a buggy around the town, I jumped at the offer... what? I'm not lazy, I just hate crowds. I'm sure no one would have enjoyed my stomping on heels. Just kidding...or am I?

As we took a ride on a buggy around the town, our tour guide, a teeny, tiny Japanese young man, who mom thought we would break in two, asked me to translate for my mother, as we were pulled along, we were told how the main street, Yukinoshita, came from years ago when the samurai were in battle, wearing their white bandanna at the bottom of the mountain. Since there were so many samurai, it made the mountain look as if there was snow all around the bottom of the mountain. "Yuki" meaning snow, "no" is the the possessive form and "shita" means bottom or under.

We were taken on a 20 minute ride and shown the local shrines in Kamakura. The buggy ride was a lot of fun and a first for me too. I was able to learn a lot of Kamukura. I recommend that if you have the chance, try it out.

The main temple was our final stop on our buggy ride, and we were lucky to have a few of the sakura trees blossoming. Since the sakura would not usually appear for another week or so, I was glad that mom was able to see the beauty because the delicate cherry blossoms.

We walked around the temple, where once again we were in the battle zone. Well techinally not a battle zone, just a game of dodge ball, but human style.

 Japanese temples are so amazing, the craft and design put into them, just amazes me. They put so much thought into the structure, from top to bottom.

We made our way back towards the station, but had to have a quick dessert of ice cream. Mom had vanilla and I had sweet potato and green tea. Yes. It tasted delicious if you are wondering.

 Went window shopping in the small shops, and had lunch at a local cafe by the station. Mom would always laugh at me when I took pictures of my food, but how that she was in Tokyo she had a habit to take pictures of all the food. It's just what everyone does here in Japan. It's always food or something in the big city. I know if I even turn the tv on, I'll find at least 3 different channels showing some type of food show.

Next Stop...Chinatown in Yokohama.

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