Monday, April 19, 2010

Time for a change

In a local cafe I sit here as I pour in my 'slim up sugar' and watch it swirl around my cup as it disappears into my tea, to never be seen again. What a pour life for it actually, to just disappear and never be seen again but then again its' affect on its surroundings is a good one. It sweetens the most bitter drinks and gives a sense of fulfillment as you take your first sip of the morning. But during that moment, as I watch the swirling, dissolving mass of sugar I think "I want something in my life to change", actually the feeling is more like "something IS going to change in my life", don't know what, but something. I don't care what it is really, I just want something to change. I reached my third year here in japan, maybe it's the time to move on and explore other countries, or maybe it's the feeling of wanting to finally settle down with that special someone, who currently is nonexistent, I like to think he was taken by aliens and soon return to this planet earth. Or maybe it's just indigestion. Who really knows. But for now I think I'm going to find something new in my life. It's kind of exciting to think about actually. What will it be. I wonder.

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