Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guam Is my new love. Part cuatro

Our second day in Guam we went to the morning market located on the outskirts of the mall. It was basically like a flea market. I had a delicious tapioca and jelly drink as I wondered around. We ended up walking to the mall instead of taking the bus back and stopped at MacDonald for breakfast. It was already boiling hot at 7am so we killed time in MacDonald and went shopping in the local grocery store. Oh I miss grocery stores. I know what everything thing is....wait maybe not that brown thing in the seafood department. Had a grand time shopping in Guam's largest mall and had taco bell for lunch. I miss taco bell, the only one in japan is on the army base and you need connections to get in there.
 A popular viewing spot is the "lovers point". Now people go there when they are married and put a lock with there name and date they were wedded so they can be together forever. As romantic as it sounds I don't know about trusting my love on a couple young lovers who died in that very spot. But I guess they will be together forever.
High On top of a cliff beside the ocean. The view was breath taking. You could see the green and blue ocean and coral reef below.

We took the bus back to our hotel and dropped off all our purchases and went back to the beach to relax until the sun set. As we were walking back we ended up chatting with some locals who in the end offered us free drinks and BBQ. Wow. What kindness. I will have to visit Guam again in the future.

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