Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guam Is my new love. Part dos

A couple naps under the sun and a few dips in the water, and I was all ready to stay on the beach all day long, my friend was antsy to get some shopping done.

So we pack up our towels and take a walk down town and made our way to Kmart. Yes a Kmart! Hey, I know you're wondering why i got so excited over Kmart, two, wait three, large sizes. Well large sizes meaning not -2 dresses for everyone. I was able to find myself a couple pairs of sandals that fit my monster sized feet. I didn't buy too much stuff because cash was low and I didn't want to carry around too much stuff in the 38 degree weather.

As we finally made our way back outside it was perfect timing. We had missed a slight squall that had crossed over Guam during our time in the store. How lucky. Took the bus to our hotel dropped off our stuff and went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Now that I think of it, I think half of our meals in Guam were Mexican related. I can never get enough of Mexican food.

I totally forgot how huge American sizes are so my friend were smart enough to split our food and made a cheap and filling meal. While we were walking before we stopped in a souvenir shop in a hotel and I picked up the local food guide for the area and it had coupons for free items with order, so every meal I had I got a free drink with free refills with massive size drinks. I just love free refills. In Japan this doesn't exist but all you can drink alcohol and drink bars do. I don't think I ever remember going to a bar for all you can drink in Canada. Because you know we would sooo abuse it.

After lunch we were back to the beach for more naps and swimming. Could life not get any better?

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