Friday, May 14, 2010

Guam Is my new love. Part tres

Night in Guam the temperature doesn't really change much, just no blaring sun. All the night shops open and for us it was shopping time! After a friendly chat with our bus drive John, he suggested that we go to a mall slightly off the side of the town, which is only like a 5 min car drive. Our first stop and main shopping time was at Ross. I love Ross! Cheap brand name goods. I found myself, after two hour there, with two new purses a dress and new shoes. My friend with a new purse and a few other items. The mall had a few other shops but we found Ross was our favorite.

A long night of battling clothes racks and trying on hundred of outfits and shoes, well that's how it felt to us, our stomachs were growling for attention. It was hamburger time at "ruby Tuesday". The choices! the choices! Do I choose the bacon cheeseburger or the triple cheeseburger. Wait but the steak looks mouth watering. All these ideas were running through my head. Finally I got the turkey burger that was delicious. Once again we both free drinks and free refills. As well as all you can eat fries. I thought I was going to explode after our meal.

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