Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guam Is my new love. Part uno.

So a few weeks ago my friend and I were talking over coffee about traveling. And since I couldn't go with my other friends on their trip in June, we decided to go after golden week in japan. So it was decided. Off to Guam we go!! Yes, the tiny little island located in the middle of the Philippine sea and pacific ocean. Everyone who I talk to here in japan never realizes it's part of the US. Friday night my friend and I caught the express train to the Narita airport and with only the little bit of trouble of some slight turbulence after taking off from Tokyo.

Luckily japan is only a 3.5 hour flight from Guam and the time flew by as I watched a movie, had a meal and snack and a slight nap. Not the worst flight I've had.

We arrived in Guam in the middle of the night, and had a shuttle bus take us to our hotel and grabbed a couple hour nap before waking up to the gorgeous sun beaming into our hotel room. Out hotel wasn't the most happening place to be, but it worked well enough for showering and and catching some Z's at night.

First stop was breakfast at a cute and cozy cafe located by our hotel.  Boy have I missed ordering things in English. It was like a revival to my slightly dented spirit that I really needed.

Breakfast was a wrap with coffee and I was a little kid during Christmas, I could wait any longer and gobbled my food down so we could get to the beach faster. And what a sight it was. Beautiful blue sea and white sand. Be still my heart! I'm in love again!

The beach was something like out of a postcard...there was palm trees lining the beach side, the random fisher with a net and bucket and a single boat out on the sea. We took a stroll down the beach and sat ourselves for a morning of napping under the warm sun and swimming in the tropical waters.

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