Sunday, June 27, 2010

25th Birthday

My birthday was an amazing time. I have a feeling from the way my birthday started it's going to be an awesome year!! There's nothing stopping me! XD

riday had to work then had coffee with my coworkers and met a few more later that night in shinjuku for dinner and drinks. I had to work Saturday. I was subbing again but that didn't stop them from ganging up on me and making me drink. Haha great coworkers. Went and did purikura and said goodbye and off i was to my dance team party. Turns out they got me and Nity a birthday cake and a big bottle of wine for each of us with messages all written on the bottle from everyone. I love those guys so much! <3

Ended up drinking until morning then I went to work I think still tipsy and worked till 5. I met MA for a coffee break which was us eating the cake she got me in lotteria before it melted XD

MA couldn't join because of other plans but I met up with some other friends in roppongi for karaoke before dinner. I swear lady gaga has a stutter problem of some kind lol had telephone stuck in my head forever. After karaoke went to dinner at TGIF. Which was followed by clubbing all night long. We kinda start picking people up to join the group. Lol it was kinda funny. Some Japanese guys joined us looking for a good party and then two foreigner guys were asking us where the good clubs were and so it turned to a great night followed by morning ramen.


What a weekend. I spent Sunday sleeping off a fever and woke up just to watch some episodes of house and ice my fever down.

Pictures are kinda in the opposite order.
Here is after clubbing for some morning ramen.

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