Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soccer Night in Japan

I have so much to write but I'll do it later. Lol I'll post backwards. Let's say birthday has turned into birthweek. ^_^
Monday I was still feeling a bit sickly from the weekend fun but I made it through work, then got called in to sub out in Saitama. Good thing it was only 7-830 since I had plans to meet Gu-chan. Turned out he finished work at the same time. He told me we were meeting in Shibuya and Toku-chan picked a place. Ehh? Toku-chan's coming too? Yea! Arrived and kuro-chan was there too! :D

We went to the 299en izakaya in Shibuya and as usual hanging out with those guys is enough entertainment to last the night away. So during the middle of drinking both Toku-chan and Gu-chan said they had to go to the washroom. Huh? Why are you going together? I totally said that but got no answer. Meh. Didn't think much about it. They came back and pulled out a big gift bag and all started to sing happy birthday. I did not expect that at all!! (・・;) I almost started crying. Maybe I did even a little. I really did not think that would happen. Wow. So sweet! It turned out to be the Rockstar lush box.
( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰
Anyway before 11 we went down to a live house where they were playing the world soccer live on the big screen and wow what a game! Japan won!! I'm not a big game girl, but when I watch a game I always get into it. Especially when everyone else is really into the game. Like shouting and screaming. XD It was pretty funny, I was talking at the tv, well basically saying things like "what the F*ck was that" and "Defence, get your ass in there." Of course all in English, I couldn't do that kind of talking in Japanese. ^^; Kuro-chan was mimicing me, I kept laughing at his attempt to speak english, very cute. After the game there was a free band and owarai (comedy) set ups. Since we had a few hours before first train it was karaoke time!
So got home, slept a few hours then went to work. Gah, tonight I skipped dance and took some time to clean up my room a bit. I think it's time to go to sleep soon.

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