Friday, July 30, 2010

5,4,3,2,1 BUNGEE

So a few weeks back my friend and I took the long journey up to Gunma Prefecture. Well if we took the bullet train I'm sure it wouldn't have been that long, but we took the cheaper way and took all the locals.

We arrive in the afternoon to a sea of green trees and mountains. Yup. We aren't in Tokyo anymore. Since we were a bit early for our schedule we went to a small restaurant where Jo got coffee and I had grape flavored snow cone. The owner was an old man who kept trying to convince us to go see the SL not understand Japanese people fascination with trains. It was about time to go so we headed to the bus stop only to be stopped and asked to be interview for Asahi television. Basically a lot of Foreign people have been visiting that area lately and they wanted to know why we were there.

Finally got away and got on the right bus and made it to the right place. We started walked down the bridge and saw the set up for the bungee jumpers. Yes we were going to bungee of a bridge. 42 meters high, into a river. Are we crazy? Yea. We are. No sane people would jump off a bridge with a rubber band wrapped around their legs.


We signed in, signed some wavers etc...and made our way to the jump stop. Thankfully it was run by foreigners so everyone spoke English. It was a busy day I guess, so our jump for 4:30 was pushed to around 5:30. We just spent our time watching all the jumpers. One guy jumped in a suit and then came back up and started to change...underneath he had a superman suit. Wow. Now that's something for you. Bet he was hot.

So finally the time comes. I was first to jump. I got my gear on and climbed over onto the balcony type of thing, where you could see straight down into the river. My heart was pounding. Checked, rechecked, and triple checked and I was standing at the edge of the world, well that was how it felt to me. I looked down into the river, and thought. "Oh my god. What am I doing? Can I do it?"

But I just looked forward and the countdown started.






I'm flying....wait no. I'm falling and it feels great!!

Those few seconds like like forever and then I'm going back up into the air. What a rush. I was laughing so hard I had tears falling from my eyes.

It was a blast! I was finally lowered into the boat in the river and got to walked back up to the bridge.

We had to wait a while longer for Jo to jump, but it was soon her turn. She was all ready. As she told me later, the standing was no problem, but as she started to fall was when she started to freak out.

Jo was the final jumper so the guys were packing up to leave, and offered us a drive back to the station if we wanted to wait for them to clean up. Perfect! We didn't know when the next bus would come so we were happy to wait. Perfect timing too since it started to rain and we could see lightning in the distance.

We get back to the station and wait for our train to go, but nothing happened.... we ask the train staff and turns out that lightning we saw had brought downpour rain in the mountains we need to go through to go home. So the trains were stopped. What? We both had work the next day and it would take 3 hours to get home at least. The train staff said there was a bus coming to take people to a couple stations away where we could get a train home. And we did get home. After a long wait and a few changes here and there. I am defiantly up to trying that again.

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