Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fuji Q Highland

A couple weeks back I went to FujiQ, yes I know it's not Q but I like it better that way, with a few friends. We met really really realllllly early and took the bus. We arrived and the rides had just started. It was a bit cloudy but no rain, so we get in the line for Fujiyama. It's was in the world record for the longest, highest ride in the world, but not anymore. Wonder what is.... anyway. We waited for a while and got on it. WOW was it fun!!! I loved it!!! XD it was so fun. I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. Next ride was one that was in the world record for the most flips. I think it had 16. Once again I wonder which one is the biggest now. Should check it out sometime. We were lucky we were the last ones on it before the rain started and closed it down. Yea it started to rain. But we got most of the main rides done and went on the wet rides. And in the haunted houses.
Joanna and I need out morning coffee before we wake up

Good Morning! Kan-chan and Yaiyo

This guy must have been exhausted from the heat and this outfit XD
For your passes you needed to get your picture taken.

Being silly in our Poncho's
Oh look it's JAWS!

We are getting a bit tired from waiting.

It was a really great day! :D

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