Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Morning

Good morning. It's a beautiful day. I want to go to the beach again!! I'm thinking of taking a holiday on Wednesday since I have no classes and going to the beach. But also I think I'm catching a summer cold. My throat is a bit sore and my ears are a bit plugged and I can't tell if I have a fever from my sunburn. I hope it goes away soon. :/
Also trying to diet, but I only lost 4.5 lbs since Tuesday. :/ and tomorrow is Saturday. I wanted to have lost 6 at least. Tonight I have dinner with a few of my students so I will probably eat a bit. Oh well. I need to do this in a healthy way, and next week I will be going to dance a few times, and many dinner parties planned, but need to do my best! This week is one of close friends here in Japan's birthday so we have the whole week mostly planned XD Should be lots of fun!

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