Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kamakura Beach


So I took a day off on Thursday, I didn't have any classes and I was feeling so down lately from all the shit that has happened, so I emailed my friend if she wanted to go the beach with me, and lucky for me she had the day off. So I met Yaiyo at Yokohama station and we went to Kamakura station together and it was beach time! Luckily it was only a bit cloudy and the sun came out most of the day, though it got cloudy by the time we left, so it was perfect time. It was humid day so it made a perfect day at the beach. We stopped and got bento's and set up shop at the beach. I went in the water and it was like bath water...well a bit cooler, but with the heat lately, it's the same temperature of my showers lol

We made some supper sandcastles and played in the water, it was like a blast to the past of my childhood! ^_^ Next time I should make something new :)

What does everyone usually make in the sand? ^__^

Lots of fun always makes you sleepy so we ended up sleeping on the beach for over an hour. haha we were both shocked to see it was getting late, we only woke up because they were saying on the PA system that it was time to leave, well the lifeguards were leaving their part of their post.

Though the beaches in the Kanagawa area aren't the prettiest...it's too bad. But oh well.

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