Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kanazawa BBQ

A while back Ma-chan asked me to help organize a wedding/baby party for a few friends and last Sunday was the party. We all ended up going to Kanazawa Zoo, not to see the animals, though that would have been nice, but it had a BBQ park where you can rent a BBQ and you bring your food with you. It was a beautiful day. We all thought it would rain since the night before it was pouring, but it was a beautiful, sunny day. Had to wake up early since it was supposed to start at 11am and it took over an hour to get there. I was running early, so I decided to take the local train, but I was supposed to meet Yaiyo and Kan-chan at Yokohama station and I arrived a bit late, since I missed my express train stop. Oh well it was only 5 mins. We got to the station and turns out Ma-chan is running late. So instead of him picking us up by car the station we took the bus (which looked like an elementary kids bus with all it's pictures painted on it) and arrived at the place just on time. But we waited...and waited....and waited. They arrived an hour late. Gah I could have slept in!!! >.< But at least I brought my water guns with me so we kept cool by having water gun fights. Thank goodness I bought them at the 100en shop the day before.

So finally everyone arrived and we had the food and it was BBQ time! Finally. We were all starving! But at first they only had beer, and I don't like beer, but I needed a drink so beer it was ^_^;;

Japanese BBQ are amusing...I do like them, but I miss those good ol' BBQ's back home, you know with hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, fish, potatoes, etc.... typical Japanese BBQ's are fried noodles, fried pieces of meat, corn, potato ( but sliced) and sliced veggies. I guess it's pretty similar, but I guess I really miss hot dogs and hamburgers lol. Oh and steaks. It's still delicious, but you get homesick for the silliest little things.

During the day it got hotter and hotter, so me and Megumi (a new friend, she's a total blast) and I had a water gun fight. Running up and down the hills like little kids. Also there was a big group of adults and kids beside us, and so we ended having a battle against the kids. We gave them the water guns and they chased after us. It was actually a ton of fun. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. But boy was I exhausted! Those kids can run!
At the end of the BBQ before we had to leave, we all gave some presents to the happy couple. I got a toy lion you put on your baby car and the baby can touch it and it makes different sounds. As well as a few pieces of baby clothes. I also made a bag strap sort of thing. it had a picture of a koala on one side and a rainbow on the other side.

Then we all headed back. It was a bit of a walk up this huge hill to the bus stop, but I ended up chasing Sa-chan up the hill, because he kept pushing me on the ground, and throwing me on the ground....well not throwing but we were just being silly. It was a great day! ^-^

Kan-chan and Yaiyo and I do 'KANPAI!'

The happy mother to be and her friends.

Semi-group shot.

Maki and Yaiyo and I

I just love Kan-chan so much! She is soo adorable.

This shot is pretty funny. We were waiting for the food and I was saying I was really hungry and that I would eat Kan-chan instead and I bite her for real. Not hard anyway lol but she just laughed so hard. Guess she was shocked I really did bite her lmao

Relaxing and having a few drinks.

Speech time.

Still more speeches

Happy Couple <3


Sa-chan arrived late since Ma-chan told him the wrong place. lol

With the mother to be

Megumi and I are the new Angels XD

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