Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kujyukurihama Beach

A couple weeks back as well I went to the beach with my roomie. We got up early in the morning to get the train out to Chiba. Chiba is located by Tokyo but it took a good 3 hours to get to the beach. We had to take the train, then at the station take a 30 min bus ride to the beach. It doesn't even look like you are near the beach, it's all green fields and trees until you see a highway bride and out pops the ocean. But it was a beautiful day, the wind was cool from the pacific ocean and it wasn't even that crowded for a Saturday. We spent our day drinking a few coolies, swimming and making our own almost life size sand shark. Come home with sand in our hair and burnt skin that I had peeling for over 2 weeks. Ouch. But a great day was spent.


Naoki is giving Mr. Sharky a drink

My Sharky. It took a while to finish it with just our hands.

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