Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Water Park

Wow the pictures just keep piling up. I have pictures and things to post about from a couple weeks back.
Anyway a couple weeks back I went with some friends to a water park in Nishi-Kasai. We met at the station around 10am, and walked to the arrive to a horrendous line of people!! o.O! We had to wait 20 mins to even get into the building to buy our ticket. OH NO! So when we finally get into the pool area it was a sea or children and mothers and fathers galore! We found a spot by this scary Japanese lady who tried to make us move at first, but we kept it because where else were we going to go?
So the day was spent going around and around in the whirl pool acting like a mother figure telling kids not to be horsing around. As well as practicing my ninja like skills in predicting when water would be shot at my face so I could close my eyes. lol

After wards we went to El Torito for some yummy taco salads.


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