Thursday, August 26, 2010

Into the Caves

We entered the cave and started walking down and down and down, and the farther we got the colder it was. It felt nice to be in the cool air since it has been so hot everyday. Soon enough I could hear the sound of runny water and lo and behold I see the sparkling green water running along the rock walls.

We went deeper, and the water pools were getting deeper and deeper, the walls were dripping water, every once and a while I would get a drop on my head or back, and send shivers down my body since the water was close to freezing. As we walked further down into the caves, we walked upon large cave pockets and at times I had to duck and watch out that I didn't hit my head on the low rocks. At the bottom level was the deepest pool of water, it was 98 meters deep, and it was a beautiful color of blue and green.

Yayoi and I. Can you see how long the ceiling is?

One of the shallow pools

Here is the ceiling.

This was the 98 meter deep pool.

The had plastic covers so water and small rocks wouldn't fall on us.

The tunnel as you exit the caves.

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